Why am I doing this?

When I think about all the hard work I have to do in order to get this website set up…frankly, it sounds like punishment. But then I realize that I spend 99% of my waking moments are thinking about travel and the inevitable frustration I feel when I compare my trips with those of others. All I need to do is open Pinterest or Instagram, and I’m immediately feeling inadequate.

And that’s just not right. Those glamorized travel blogs out there are nowhere close to reality for the majority of the population. I mean, yeah, we’d all love to quit our jobs and get paid to travel the world, but let’s be real – most of us are lucky to get away for just a weekend. Even luckier if we can do so without putting a big dent in the budget.

It was a hard hike through the snow, but we finally made it to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park

That’s what I want to write about here. Realistic travel. A low budget weekend getaway to Detroit can and should have the same value as a two week stay at a luxury resort. It's easy to fall into the trap where you think you need to get certain things out of a trip to make it a worthwhile, but hey, if you actually got out of the house, you've won already. Who cares where you're going, just go. Don't waste time trying to find that elusive purpose that should guide your trip. It's about you and how you want to enjoy your time.

Don't get me wrong, I've gone to some pretty awesome places in the world, but as much as I love the idea of finding myself or whatever, when I evaluate what I got out of my trip, it's mostly superficial. I'm happy, make no mistake, but I'm definitely not a changed person. Nor should I have to be. Most people aren't seeking answers when they go on vacation. They just want to eat some good food, see some sights, get a few good Instagram pics, and if they're lucky, get upgraded to business class.

I guess that's what I want to do. Bring honesty back to travel journals.

Let’s see where this goes.