About Rabeeta

My heart beats in the wild places.

When I was a little girl, my family would take long drives for vacations and trips. This was long before GPS and even Mapquest. My dad would hand me a map and ask me to plot out the best route. And even though I was only 5, my little fingers would trace the roads, and using land markers and road signs, I would figure out where we were and navigate us to our destination.

These trips caused me to develop a fixation with maps. I would spend hours poring over them, looking at roads and geography, finding interesting things, and figuring out how I would get there. I would reference my encyclopedia (remember those?) and other reference books to determine if the journey was worthy.

That was how I stumbled across the magnificent Victoria Falls. It was an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, 1992. There was a tiny black and white picture with a short description of how it was by many definitions the biggest waterfalls in the world. I made up my mind in that moment that I would go there one day. And I did - 22 years later.

These days, my parents bemoan my perpetual wanderlust, as I seem to spend nearly all my free time on planning trips (and nearly all my money on paying for them), but I thank them for encouraging me to explore the world even at the age of 5, when all I had was a map and an active imagination.

And though it's taken me awhile, I'm finally at a point in my life where I can take the kind of trips I used to dream of. I prefer scenic destinations over urban areas, and the more remote a place is, the more excited I am about it. I also like taking pictures, whether its with my phone, a GoPro, or a digital camera. I'm not a photographer by any means and have no aspirations to be one, but I see so many lovely places that I just wanted to share them. Hence this website. Have patience with me as I figure out how to use Adobe Lightroom and the internet. It'd be easier if I had an encyclopedia on it!